How Do I Know When to Replace my HVAC?

Have you ever had the creeping suspicion that your HVAC system isn’t what it used to be? You might be noticing it doesn’t work just like the day you had it installed, but at what point does this mean you should look at replacing the unit?

Here’s six key indicators that it’s time to replace your current setup:

Frequent Repairs

Like an older car, repairs tend to get more frequent the older your HVAC system gets. At a certain point, a new system will actually cost you less in the long run than running up a bill on repairs. Take a look at your list of bills to help get an idea of how much your system is really costing you.

Higher Energy Bills

An older system may also start costing you more money regarding your regular energy bills. Most people understand that an older HVAC system is not going to be as energy efficient as a newer setup, but you might have missed the fact that your bill will steadily go up over time. Over the 15-20 year lifespan of man HVAC systems, this can be a deceivingly high increase. Similar to the repairs issue, investing in a new system becomes a money-saving decision at a certain point.

Your A/C Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

If your A/C isn’t keeping up anymore, our guess is that you’re probably aware. As HVAC systems age, they decrease in effectiveness. It’s the natural process, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If it gets more uncomfortable than you’re willing to put up with, you might want to start researching a new unit. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help you find the best unit and price for you!

Strange Noises

Certain things in life start to make weird noises as they get older. Cars, joints, and your HVAC system are all on that list. A subtle hum is normal, but mechanical grinding and rumbling sounds aren’t promising. This might not mean a full scale replacement, but it could be more important. In this situation, we advise consulting your HVAC expert to see if it’s a smaller repair or something more serious.

Consistent Strange Smells

Nobody likes a bad smell, let alone one that is being circulated through the whole house by your HVAC system. But be careful, if your HVAC is a little funky, it may be more serious than just a smell. Your HVAC might have developed mold! This can happen with something like your furnace if it hasn’t been used for a couple months. This should be a top priority as it can put you and those in your household at risk of getting perpetually sick. Just remember, though it may be an urgent need, don’t forget to look for special deals that can help make your unexpected expense a little lighter.

Poor Circulation

Lack of air circulation can be a little bit harder to identify. Sometimes, the air in a room might just feel or smell stale. Another sign is that certain rooms in your house might be significantly warmer or cooler than others, indicating insufficient air flow to certain rooms. This isn’t as dangerous as something like mold, but it may affect air quality and increase allergic irritations.

Do I Need a New System?

These tips are to help you recognize when there may be a more serious problem calling for a total HVAC replacement. The best way to know for sure if it’s time for an upgrade is to have your local HVAC professional come out and examine your unit. Be sure to get a service provider who has a reputation both of competence and honesty!

We at Tiger Heating and Air Conditioning would be more than happy to serve your HVAC needs in South Texas. We are devoted to accurately diagnosing your problem, and offering you an honest answer as to what you need to fix it. Give us a call today!

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